Alice Springs is the true outback town in the middle of Australia. Its diversity is suprising with world class art galleries, amazing natural attractions, iconic events, solar city initiative, sports and social clubs and a local community which is known for its innvoations and spirit.

It’s a town where many people intend to stay only for a short while but somhow find it impossible to leave. What engages people is hard to indentify, it could be the cimate, the clean air, or the relaxed pace. It could be the red glow of the ranges or the night sky full of a million stars. I think it’s different for everyone and you mingh just find yourself having your own affair with Alice!

star in the sky alice springs

star in the sky alice springs


The settlement of Alice Springs in the 1800’s played a pivotal rele in pening up inland Australia. Surrounded by a sea of red sand the size of Europe, Alice Springs attracted many famous pioneering characters, from legendary explorers to prospectors, miners, cattlemen and pioneering women looking to improve their fortunes.

These characters brought invention and ingenuity with them undertaking a number of ambitious projects and achieving many great Austraian ‘feats’, including; the laying of the overland Telegraph line, the establishment of the Old Ghan railway, and the invention of the motorised road train.




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