Are you in store for an article about free campervan spots in Australia’s Victoria? Looking for free but good campervan spots in Australia, especially in Victoria, can be hard. Victoria has lots of places where you can camp without paying a dime, but sadly, not every camping place in the spot is actually good. I once saw a camping place in Australia that is free, but the place is small, you cannot bring a pet, you cannot make a campfire, the water is not drinkable, the river is swarming with crocodiles, and is very far from civilization. I know some of you like that kind of hardcore camping, but the rule does not apply for people who campervan only for the joy of it, one who does not want to get troubled. If you are that kind of person, one who only camp for the fun of it, and is confused whether Victoria got good free camping places or not, you should not worry because I am here to tell you about free camping places in Victoria that is also good.

Victoria, aside from having a name that I found to be beautiful (I really like the name), is not void of bad camping grounds, so here are the list of the places that I consider a good free camping ground:

Greens Lake Recreation Reserve, Greens Lake of Corop

Corop is a weird name for a place (or maybe I am not that familiar with Australian names), but Corop has a camping spot that is actually pretty good. The place is called Greens Lake Recreation Reserve (at first I thought the word ‘reserve’ is not the place’s name. Turns out the place is called Greens Lake Recreation Reserve. Silly me). For those with the soul for fishing and playing with boats in general, this place is the perfect place for you because this place has everything that a water person could hope for. It has 40 and more sites and you can take water (not potable though) from the lake.

Snakes Reserve, Mansfield-Woods Point of Knockwood

Do not let the name fool you. Sure Australia got lots of dangerous animals, but this place (or so I have heard) does not have a lot of snakes in it. If you want to stay here, make sure you stay here no longer than 7 days because the officials will kick you out if you stay longer than that. The river is not potable too, so prepare your stove or water filtering devices.


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