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Campervan Rental with The Campervan Village is a great way to see Australia - it's affordable and perfect for One Way roadtrips with so many locations and choices of camper!


1. Opening Hours

Our rental offices are open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. We're open 9am to 12pm on Saturdays and closed Sundays.

2. Rental Locations & One Way Hires

The Campervan Village rents campervans from 8 locations around Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney. One Way hires are available between locations, but please not a fee applies for this service. To see our office locations please click HERE

3. Liability Reduction Cover

The Campervan Village recommends that all travellers purchase the highest available form of Travel Insurance from their Travel Provider before travelling Australia. To see more information about our Liability Reduction Options, please click HERE

4. Driver Age and License Requirements

Minimum driver age for 2WD Campers is 18, however The Campervan Village does not rent Australian and NZ residents who are on Green or Red Provisional Licenses. 4WD Vehicles are for drivers 21 and over. An International License is not required to rent the vehicle, however if your license is not in English, we recommend applying for one (Police in some states may request an International License).

5. Toll Roads in Australia

There are 15 Toll Roads on Australia’s East Coast. Many are unavoidable, major arterial roads. Any vehicle traversing on these roads is required to pay a Toll Fee within 3 days. If the Toll Fee isn’t paid, the Toll Companies send The Campervan Village a letter of demand with an Additional Administration Fee of up to $30 (for each Toll infringement).

Most Rental companies will charge their customers $60-$80 per infringement as an additional administration fee if they do not pay their Toll Fees on time. However at The Campervan Village, we only charge a mandatory $35 Toll Road Levy (included in the Rental price). This will cover our hirers for ALL Toll Roads across Australia - so you can travel wherever you like!

What is the $35 Toll Levy?By paying the Campervan Village Toll Roads Levy, you have Unlimited access to Toll Roads in Australia. You do not have to stress about paying them – we will pay them. Just enjoy your holiday knowing there will be no nasty surprises after your trip!

Do I Have to Pay the Toll Roads Levy?If you are travelling in or through Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, you must pay the Toll Roads Levy. The Levy is non-refundable. Note: The Campervan Village Toll Levy does NOT cover infringements received for illegal conduct (Speeding, DUI etc.) or Parking fines.

6. Optional Extra's

The Campervan Village offers a few Optional Extra's to make your trip a little more pleasant. These include GPS hire & Camp Tables & Chairs. Please note an additional charge applies if you wish to hire these items.

7. Rates and Fees

Daily Rental Rates are calculated using calendar days, this is non-negotiable. A booking and administration fee of 3.5% will apply to all hires (this fee covers a range of costs including credit card surcharge, reservation costs and contract amendment fees).

8. KM Allowances

All of our campervans and 4WD Vehicles come with Unlimited KM Allowance, however this is subject to minimum hire requirements and the Terms and Conditions of your rental agreement. To see our Terms and Conditions, please click HERE

9. Breakdowns & Roadside Assistance

We have 24-hour roadside assistance available to all Campervan Village hirers. In the event of a breakdown you are to call: 1800 121 421 for assistance and our operator will help. Please note, additional charges will apply in the event of human incompetence (ie Tyre changes, flat battery, lost keys etc).

10. Prohibited Areas

For your safety and for the welfare of our campervans & 4WD's, The Campervan Village has strict Areas of Use for it's vehicles. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our Area of Use MAP and be sure that your trip adheres to the conditions shown.

Penalties apply for any breach of the Terms and Conditions of your Rental Agreement (this includes any breach to the conditions shown on the map shown HERE ).

11. What to Bring when collecting your Vehicle?

Pillows & Blankets. Licenses for ALL DRIVERS and All drivers will need to be present at pickup in order to sign the Rental Agreement

12. Airport Pickups

Airport pickups are not available. Most Campervan Village offices can be accessed by public transport, however taxis can be a quicker and more convenient option.

13.Can I extend my hire?

Depending on availability, you can easily extend your hire by calling 1800 121 421 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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