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Sydney and the NSW East Coast (Australia)

New South Wales has it all really, everything is here and it covers just 10% of Australia! First there’s the beaches, the mountains (with skiing in the winter,) huge forests, national parks, outback desert and then there’s the chilled out hidden hippy retreats to skyscrapers in Sydneycity.

Where is Sydney?

Sydney is Australia's most populated city, located aproximately 1000kms south of Brisbane and 900kms North-East of Melbourne.

The NSW East Coast is perhaps THE greatest roadtrip coast in the world for campervans and RV's, with endless empty beaches, wild kangaroos and sunshine on tap.

Picking up a campervan from Campervan village in Sydney is easy we are just 2 stops away from the Sydney domestic airport and 3 stops from the international airport or if you hate public transport you can grab a quick taxi (15mins) read on for trip tips.

Where do you start? Well most people start in Sydney. Say ‘Australia’ to anyone in the world and they will probably picture the Sydney Opera House or the Harbour Bridge, and when you visit yourself you’ll see why they have become an Australian icon. Be sure to check out the harbour at both day and night for a different view, cross the bridge (or climb it) and see things from different perspective. Work your way to Bondi and Coogee for a beach-fix, and finish things off with a night out in Kings Cross... a certain eye-opener for sure! Central station is the hub for buses, coaches and trains. The airport serves most of Australia, and at decent prices you can travel throughout Australia by plane picking up one of our cheap campervans at your destined city.

Outside of Sydney, moving inland you can drive to the Blue Mountains. You could easily “do” the Blue Mountains in a day, but if you have time to stay out and really soak up the sights, do. The tree covered mountains go on for miles, the views are incredible and the air clean. Oh and everything is blue too! When you’ve had enough mountain air, head back to the coast and flip a coin to go north or south, either way you’ll need a surfboard.

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australia-east-coast-campervan australia-east-coast-campervan australia-east-coast-campervan

There’s countless beaches, coves and surf spots – there’s plenty of camping spots too if you have a one of our campervans. To the south is Wollongong, and here you can skydive as well as surf. Inland from here, the action continues on the slopes. During winter months, the snowy mountains take on a new life and skiers and snowboarders appear out of nowhere – and at night it rains Jagermeister!

Over the snow? Ok, keep going inland but head a bit further north stop when you see a sign letting you know you’ve hit Broken Hill. Welcome to the New South Wales outback! This place is incredible from the colour of the land to the outback pubs – you’re in a new world out here. The landscape is incredible and it will take weeks to do it justice.

But wait there’s even more! Now we’re going to head back to the coast, in a pretty straight line. Before you know it, you’ll be facing golden beaches and palm trees. This is the northern New South Wales coast aka surf territory, and the capital is called Byron Bay. Byron is Australia’s chill out room and this small town sits on the eastern most point of Australia’s east coast. It is home to hippies, cafe culture, surf, yoga, meditation and miles of unspoilt beaches. If taking it easy isn’t your thing, Byron has you covered too. You can snorkel, scuba dive, kayak, micro light, skydive, fly a stunt plane, take a balloon ride, join the circus, learn to surf or hike to the lighthouse for postcard photo.

Byron’s favourite neighbour the town of Nimbin, is only a short drive away high in the mountains. Nimbin is known for its umm... “alternative culture” and the effects it has when you inhale it. Take a tour to get the most out of it and you’ll find waterfalls, wildlife and more out in those hills!

Ok, it’s been too long since I mentioned surfing, so here we go again... so Byron is at the very north of New South Wales, but if we swing back around and head south, we pass some great little towns – with hearts as big as Byron, but half the amount of tourists. One of the most popular spots on the way to Coffs Harbour is the famous ‘Spot X’ surf camp; a good place to try a surf lesson – away from the crowds. Even if you don’t surf go here. That’s an order! It’s a little hideaway, with a beautiful secluded beach, walking trails in the surrounding forest and kayaking up the slow-moving river. Then at night, it’s all about campfires, beers, feet in the sand, songs and stars in the sky... a perfect end to a perfect day.

What more do you want? Read this again to make sure you weren’t dreaming – stuff me in the back of your campervan and lets go!

There's nothing better than a summer roadtrip up (or down) the NSW East Coast. If you're a surfer, welcome to valhalla - NSW is a mecca for surfers. With breaks running from Duranbah in the north to the ideallic North Shore of Sydney, there's no shortage of waves...

Getting There:

From Brisbane:
Take the Pacific Hwy and keep driving for as long as you feel. There's 1,000kms of coastal road along the way to Sydney, with numerous turnoffs to some of the most spectacular beaches in Australia.

From Melbourne:
There's a couple of ways to drive your camper from Melbourne to Sydney. Here at Campervan Village we highly recommend travelling via the NSW South Coast (with a stopover in Wilson's Promontory on the way!).

Other Information:

Take caution when swimming at local beaches. Although the sea may appear calm, there can often be rips and currents which can be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. Be sure to swim in between the Red & Yellow flags, particularly if travelling with kids.

Road Quality:
Most Roads along Australia's East Coast are well-maintained & sealed. There are a few unsealed tracks leading to isolated beaches, but nothing too tricky. A 4WD or AWD Vehicle is not required.


There’s a heap of campgrounds along the East Coast. The campsites between the Gold Coast and Sydney are, in my humble opnion, the best in the world. Many are literally right next to the views. The best campsites (again - our opinion!) include Brunswick Heads (Northern NSW), Broomes Head, Crescent Head & Seal Rocks.

Did You Know?

Surfing was introduced to Australians on December 24th, 1914 by Hawaiian waterman Duke Kahanamoku at Freshwater Beach on Sydney's North Shore.

If you want to drive around Sydney and Australia's East Coast and want to hire a campervan or 4WD, your friends at Campervan Village are here to help! We're located in nearby Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne and offer great rental rates. We've also got 8 camper rental locations across Australia, so give us a call and book your campervan today: 1800 121 421


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