Looking for a campervanner’s guide to Australia? Camper vanning (this is the verb I have created to describe someone who ride campervans) is a very fun thing to do, especially if you have lots of friends to go with you or if you are actually someone who likes to travel. If you are someone who cannot truly stay at the comfort of your house, then you can buy or hire a campervan and then you can go out, travelling around the world in your campervan.

Now if you already exhausted the list of places that you want to visit, you can add Australia to that list. Australia is its own country and also a continent name (although some may call the continent that Australia is in as Oceania), and it is the biggest country in that continent. Because it is big, then of course it got lots of places to go and parks to park your campervans. If you are interested in going to Australia but you did not know what precautions you should take before going in Australia, then do not worry because this article will help you know all of that.

You do not have to worry about water in paid camping ground, but in the free one…

The first thing that I will tell you is of course about one of the most important thing in our life: water. In Australia, there are lots of paid camping ground and all will provide both potable and non-potable water (places like BIG4 camping ground is that prime example), but if you lack the money and want to stay at free camping grounds (Australia got lots of these by the way), you have to be ready with your water filtering system. You see, many of these free camping grounds are located next to rivers, but the waters are not potable per se. Do not even think of drinking the water without purifying it first.

The animals are deadly but beautiful

Australia is teeming with wildlife and the animals in there are not your ordinary ugly dogs or cat, no. Australia has lots of beautiful animals and if you take a look at them, it is a must for you to be awed by their magnificent beauty. I admit the first time I saw a live kangaroo with my own eyes, I want to pet the hopping creature and even I want to adopt one and make it as a pet of mine. Sadly, I cannot do that because even the kangaroos are deadly. One kick from the creature and boom bye-bye healthy life.

Another thing that you should consider is the fact that the rivers are not exactly safe. You see, crocodiles roam the Australian rivers. One wrong move (like swimming in the river) and you will be food for the crocs (the animal one, not the footwear. Though I have to admit wearing crocs in the public is a dangerous thing to do).

The thing is, although they are dangerous, you cannot see them in anywhere else but Australia (your local zoos might have them, but it is just not right to see them in the zoo). And with danger they brought with them their own exotic beauty. Do not be afraid of visiting Australia because of the dangerous animals; be thrilled because you will see exotic animals like these.


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