In a search for free campervan spots in Australia’s South Australia? The title of this article is a handful I know, but without a long title, how can I explain to you what I am going to explain to you? The title is self-explanatory, right?

Now, after I am done with the totally uncorrelated ramblings about how long the title of this article is, I am going to go with our topic of the day: Free campervan spots in Australia’s South Australia. ‘Campervanning’ in Australia cannot be more confusing. Because there are lots of camping grounds in the place, it is a must for ‘campervanners’ to visit Australia, especially South Australia.

From all of the states in Australia, this in my opinion has the most uncreative name, but that does not mean the place does not have good free campervan spots. I am here to tell you about those places, just so you know it when you want to bring your campervan to South Australia. Let us start with the list:

Colona Rest Area, Eyre Hwy of Yalata

Now this is fun to write.

Colona Rest Area is one of those free campervan spot that is actually a bit hardcore if you ask my opinion. Why? Simply because this place got no water, no toilets, no showers, and no power. Sure you can make a campfire in here, but campfire cannot quench your thirst.

Why did I put it on this list? Simply because the place is the place for you to really found your peace and really ‘feel’ the Australian wild. Wildlife are abundant in here, and you cannot go wrong with meeting some Australian animals in the wild. For you animal lovers who want to see animals roam free in the wild, this place is the right place for you. Oh, and you are free to stay for as long as possible.

Kimba Apex Lions Park, Park Terrace of Kimba

The name is cool, and I choose this place because of the magnificent giant bird statue that is standing in front of the park entrance.

On a serious note, Kimba Apex Lions Park is located in Kimba, a little town in South Australia. Because it is located in a town, you do not have to worry about supplies. Barbeques are available in this place, and it has flushing toilets. The scenery is wonderful and this is one of the few campervan camping area which is located in a town.


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