As a campervan backpacker who travels around Australia, you should know that there are things that you can do in order to avoid complications in Australia. If you want to travel around the world, there are things that you must do to not get into trouble in said world. Countries have rules that sets apart what is wrong and what is right, and Australia is not exempt from that rule (of having rules). There are two rules that you should abide to: the rules of nature and the rules of how you act. The latter is not too important because when you backpack in a campervan, social contact is something that you do seldom. What you should abide to and remember every time you go camping in the wilds of Australia is the rules of nature because if you do not follow the rules, there are complications that will arise to your health.

These rules of nature is basically simple logic (like do not eat the yellow now or do not jump off a cliff), but Australia is a place where simple logic does not apply. There are natural rules that applies in other countries, but that does not mean the rules apply in Australia as well. Here I will list all the natural rules that will help you avoid complications in Australia while you are campervanning in there:

Do not mess around with the animals in there

This rule is actually pretty simple because our instinct told us not to goof around animals in the wild. But sometimes I found myself not able to hold back the wish of touching that cute koala that was hanging on the tree or standing around near a towering kangaroo and watch that creature hops around.

Sadly, I cannot do that because there is the first nature law that only apply in Australia: do not play around the animals of Australia because the animals can deliver a painful kick to your gut or give you injuries that will need medical attention. Said koala has claws and it will not hesitate to claw you if you bother it. The animals may be cute, but they are deadly. Be careful around them.

The lands are barren in some places and water sources are hard to find, but you can counter them

Some section of Australia is barren wasteland and that barren wasteland is a perfect place to park your campervans on because lots of free campervan spots are located in said barren wasteland. See, when you camp in barren wasteland, water is a precious commodity. To counter them, install water reservoir in your campervan and stock lots of water when you are in town.


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