Backpacking in a Campervan in Australia is the one experience that me and my friend could not forget. Why? Because Australia has lots of places to go, things to do, food and drink to consume, animal to see, and wonders to behold. Australia never lacks excitement, and I am talking from experience here. I have travelled to Australia and have seen nearly everything in there. Sure I have not visited all restaurants or have seen all of the animals in there, but that does not mean I cannot tell my experience in Australia right?

However, before I begin with my experience, I want to tell you all about the beginning of my journey in there. I have faced many problems that many amateur backpackers have faced and lived to tell the tale. I have in my mind several tips that could help my fellow backpackers and I thought “hey, why not write an article that can help the people who want to backpack in Australia?” and decided to write this article. Whether you are a veteran or an amateur backpacker, new to Australia or you already knew of Australia, I hope this article can help you in your tour to Australia (for those who already backpacked in Australia, please do not judge me and correct me if there are mistakes in this article). O

Now, let us begin with the article:

First thing first, you should always learn the language of the place that you are going to visit

Australian speaks English, so you should not face any problems if you are familiar with this language. You should always consider this first tip as the most important tip out of them all because this tip will certainly help you in your journey in a country. Do not be a selfish person and learn your country. If you are a true backpacker, then you should know that learning a new foreign language is one of the fun part.

Second, you should learn a bit about the culture of the foreign country

Australia is a fun place, but filled with many things that will deter the fun IF you does not know the culture of that country. Saying or doing one thing may not be problematic in another country, but saying or doing that thing in one country can bring the problems down on you.

Like in Australia. If you look at the map, Australia is a big island, and not all the island is touched by civilization. If you backpack there, you should refrain from calling the people who have not been touched by civilization as ‘uncivilized’. Different does not mean it is bad, you know.


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