Do you have it in you to find some free campervan camping spot in Australia’s Western Australia? Camping grounds or campervan camping spots in Australia is easy to find, and many of those campervan camping spots are free. Because there are many free camping spots in Australia, it is hard for me and you to find good camping spots that are good and accommodating to campers.

However, even though it is hard for me to find good camping spots in Australia, I did a quick search on the internet and found several places that are actually good and accommodating. I have written several articles before where I walk about good free camping spots in Melbourne, Queensland, and Southern Australia. Now, this article here will talk about another state of Australia: Western Australia.

As the biggest state of Australia, this place got lots of free campervanning spots for travelling backpacker. Check out the list below:

Mary Pool, Mueller Ranges

The place is very large with its more than 50 camping spots and you can light up campfires in there. The place got no showers, but it got flushable toilets and water sources. Sadly, the water is not potable in here and you should not swim in Mary Pool or any natural waterway in the place because there are lots of crocodiles in the waterway (remember the article I have written from before). You can only stay in this place for only 24 hours, so do not forget to pack your camp away after said time. There are no power in here, like any other many free camping spots in Australia.

Galena Bridge Rest Area, Murchison River of Galena

Technically, this place is not a camping ground. This place is a rest area where you can park your campervan and stay for 24 hours. The place can fit 30 or more campervan or trucks and is fitted with toilets and campfires spots. There is a river that run under the bridge, but the water is not drinkable and is filled with hungry (debatable) crocodiles. I do not know what is with Australia and crocodiles, but there are lots of them in the rivers (if it is only in one river, it is okay. Sadly, nearly all the rivers of Australia is filled with crocodiles).

Albert Tognolini Rest Area, Juna Downs

The third place is also not a camping ground, but also a rest area. Sadly, the place is the smallest of the three with only 20 camping spots to park your campervan on. You can stay for 24 hours in here and there is no water source in here.


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