Do you want to know about free campervan camping spots in Australia’s Tasmania? Tasmania is the place in Australia where the animals are beautiful and the sights and wonderful. Though the animals are deadly, they are beautiful and cute. The free camping grounds  are many, and lots of them are bad. When I say bad, the places are real bad (bad, as in not accommodating and dangerous for campers). One false move and you will end up camping near a frenzied Tasmanian devil (which is carnivorous) and the animal will tear you apart.

If that description scares you, it should not because there are also free camping spots in here that is safe and accommodating in Tasmania. Check out the list of free camping spots that you should totally visit when you ever want to camp in Tasmania:

Conara Roadside Park Rest Area, 15 Panec Street of Conara

The place has a very unusual name (at least for my ear. Australian can be very creative with their names in my opinion) and the place is unusually pleasant for a rest area. The place is very small though, with only 10 places to park your campervan. The place got flushing toilets for you people who do not want to be burdened by have to manually wash down your ‘thing’. If you ever want to light campfires, you can do that because the place can accommodate campfires. The place got potable water, so you do not have to worry about having no drinkable water at your disposal.

Leven Canyon Reserve, Leven Canyon Road of Nietta

Now this place is a change from the campsites I mentioned above.

Unlike any other campsites in here (which I found to be barren), this place is actually grassy and green. Although this place is small (with only 10 places to camp), the place is a change from the barren sights of Australia. There are picnic tables in this place. It is free, but the place does not have a power source where you can plug in your campervan at. There is a source of clean potable water and is very popular with day visitors. The place is very good for hiking too, so if you like hiking, the place is a good alternative to mountains.

If you have a dog, this place is a good place for you to take your dog out because the place is also accommodating to dogs or any other pets.


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