Campervans in Australia are abundant. Renting a campervan to travel the roads of Australia is one of the thing that you can do if you enjoy travelling the roads with friends or families. Unfortunately, for you ‘campervanners’ who want to enjoy the sights and the roads of Australia, it can be confusing for you in finding the right spot to lay stop at. We all come from different kinds of backgrounds, and probably not all of us enjoy the same thing as the other. I myself enjoyed places where I can easily eat and drink good food and drinks, but maybe the guy or the gal next to me prefer to watch the sights or enjoy what Australian wildlife has to offer. We are all different, and not all can be satisfied by a single spot in Australia. Although Australia is teeming with attractions, not all people prefer that kind of attraction. That is why I am writing this article. In this series of articles, I am going to write about places that different kinds of campervanners can put their campervans at rest.

For today’s edition, I am going to write about places that nature loving campervanners could stop at. Check out the list of places below:

Queensland, Especially Daintree National Park

For you nature lover who specialize in loving animals, then Queensland is the best place you should put your campervan to rest. Why should you stop in there? Because seeing animals in the wild is just a few steps away. Daintree is filled to the brim with gazing wildlife and all kinds of exotic Australian animals. You can see koalas, beautiful birds, and you can even see crocodiles in this place (be careful when you are standing near to bodies of water). Park at Noah beach campground because this is the place where campervans are allowed to park.

Tasmania, Freycinet National Park

Sure you can find the carnivorous Tasmanian Devil (the name is somehow scary to me) in here, but that does not mean Freycinet National park is scary whatsoever. This place is very beautiful for you who like to see the shores of Australia. Camping in here is very popular for many people, and they even got something like a lottery system. If your name came up while in the lottery, you get to park your campervan in the most beautiful spot in the place.

Victoria, Grampian National Park

If you are looking for some waterfall action, this place is the best place to park your campervan at. With its collection of magnificent landscapes, there is no doubt this place will take your breath away.


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