I know it is a bit odd for campervans in Australia owners to actually camp because they want to eat gourmet food, but there are people in the world who are like that. They park their campervan next to places that can offer good food, left their campervan kitchen alone, and stepped out to taste the kind of food that Australia has to offer. Do not be judgemental my friend, because if I found myself camping in the wild, I would rather have the city close to me (it is the case in Australia. Many cities are not far from the wild and vice versa) where I can have my food cooked by another people beside me. When I am camping, I am looking for the ‘sleeping in the wild’ experience and the sightseeing. I did not camp just to cook my own food in the wilderness no. Even if I do want to cook my own food, my trip would not be a long one because I will be hospitalized the soon I eat that food.

Joking aside, those interested in places where you can park your campervans in vicinity of good food should read this article. Here are the places that you should go if you ever want to be near to good food:

Sydney, Lane Cove Tourist Park

I do not know how they could put this park near the city’s vicinity, but they did and the results are nice. Located just only 15 kilometres from Sydney, this park is beautiful and filled to the brim with camping facilities. Park your campervan in here and you will get lots of things to do. The place go 206 camping sites, both powered and non-powered. Because this place is very popular, the 206 spots can run out quickly, so be quick about it. Sydney is the centre of cuisine in Australia, so it should be nice for you to camp near that city.

Melbourne, BIG4 Camping Ground

BIG4 is even more closer to Melbourne than Lane Cove to Sydney, and Melbourne does not lack good food for good gourmet. Located just 9 kilometres from the city, this place is like the perfect camping spot for you who want to camp but does not want to stray far from the city. Aside from your usual camping spot or campervan parking area, this place got resorts too.

Brisbane, Lake Moogerah

This is perhaps the furthest from the three, but that does not mean that you should not visit this place. It’s a 90 minutes car ride from the city, but the view is worth the time.


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