Ah, Melbourne. When one talk about Australia, one talk not only about Sydney, but also about Melbourne. As the second most populous capital of the Victoria state, Melbourne never lacked tourist attractions. With lots of places to go and visit, this city is probably the place for tourists to spend their holiday on. If I talk about vacation spots and holiday places to go, Melbourne never disappoints. For you travellers who are still confused with where you should go, you should go to Melbourne and visit the tourists hotspots in there. Have no idea where you should go to in Melbourne? Do not worry, my friend, for I have written this article here for you to help you in your journey to Melbourne. Check out the list of three places to visit in Melbourne below:

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Cricket is Australia and Australia is cricket. If there is an Australian who does not like cricket, then he or she is probably not Australian enough. Melbourne cricket ground (or MCG, for its abbreviation) is one of the biggest cricket stadium in the world. If you want to watch a game of cricket, why not watch it live at one of the most famous cricket stadium in the world?

Royal Botanic Garden of Melbourne

I do not know what is it with Australia and their Royal Botanic Garden, and frankly, I do not care about their history simple because in the modern times, the Royal Botanic Garden is still taken care in the most royal of ways. The sight is beautiful in there, and if you like plants, you will be happy to know that this place got many indigenous plants. Plant lovers; put this garden at the top of your list if you ever visit Melbourne!

The Shrine of Remembrance

Aside from having a cool name, this shrine is actually one of the most historic place in Melbourne. You see, this shrine here was constructed to help Victorians remember the men and women who sacrificed their lives for Australia in World War 1 (a very terrible incident indeed, world war 1). This place, which was built in the style of Greek Architecture, is always worth a visit if you ever want to see the whole Melbourne. If you ever visit this place, do not forget to pay your respect to the deceased. The Shrine of Remembrance is located not far from the Botanic Garden, so you can always go there after your eyes have feasted upon the great building.


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