Australia is a huge country and people will be able to find so many options of place to visit when they are traveling in Australia. People should plan their trip carefully if they want to make sure that they can enjoy their Australian trip properly. Considering campervan adventure can be a great idea especially if people have limited budget and many places to go in Australia. This will also be great choice for group adventure after all. Now, people should consider the right place to go during the campervan adventure in Australia. North of Perth can offer people with great places to head.


On the Champion Bay, people can find Geraldton which is about 400 km from Perth. This is the right place to go when people are looking for many options of water sports either athletic or adventure activity. People can windsurf, kite surf, and dive in this place. Of course there are more things which can be offered by this place than the water sports. Several historical spots can be found in this place including the Greenough museum and gardens. People should not miss the opportunity for inspecting memorial to HMAS Sydney. There is famous wildflower display in the region which can be found during spring in Australia.


People can drive to the north from Geraldton for about two hours and they will find Kalbarri Township. Various kinds of accommodation can be found in this place. One thing for sure, people can find this town as a beautiful beachside town. Rainbow Jungle can be found in the town and it is the place of Australian Parrot Breeding Center. It must be great to spend time in the aviary and meet the feathered creatures. Of course people also have to explore the Kalbarri National park where they can find Murchison Gorge as well as stone arch named Nature’s Window. Murchison River will also be a great place for fishing.

Monkey Mia

The great experience in Australia cannot be completed without visiting Monkey Mia where people can interact with the wild dolphins. This can be kind of magical place actually. This place can be found on the Francois Peron National Park edge. They can find the water which becomes the marine park. There is various accommodation and facilities such as the restaurant and the caravan park so visiting this place on campervan will be great choice. The beautiful scenery of the beach surely will make people make this as important memory during the campervan adventure.


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