It is just not right if you are ever found yourself walking around the streets of a foreign country (in this case, Sydney) and you decide not to eat at some of the restaurant in the place. If you travelled outside your home country, it is always a must for you to eat at the local restaurant. If you are a trip-traveller, one that find themselves satisfied just by looking at the sights, then it is okay if you are not that concerned with food. Not all of us are trip travellers though. There are a few of us who call themselves the gourmet traveller, a traveller who wanted not to travel around the world and just looking at the sight, but also to travel around the world using our tongue. We want to taste all of the food in the world and our stomach would never get satisfied with city sights or simple attractions.

If you are that kind of traveller, one who found themselves wanting of extraordinary cuisines, you should not worry because Sydney got it all covered. There are many restaurants in Sydney, and some of them are rated the best of all Australia. Put your wallets out and ready your dining kit because I am going to start with the list.

Est. Restaurant

The name might be simple, but the food in Est. is certainly not. From all of the reviews I have seen, this place is a good place to find good authentic Australian cuisine. If I have to be honest, this is the first restaurant that actually serves good Australian food in the whole Australia (it is funny how this is the only top rated Australian food restaurant in Australia. You would think that Australian could cook good Australian food). Dining in here can be pleasant for both your tongue and your eyes because they decorated this place in the finest of ways.

Tetsuya’s Japanese Restaurant

Now this is something different than any other restaurants you could find in Australia: a Japanese restaurant. Although I never heard Japanese food getting a good recognition by people of the western culture, this place is one of the place that serves Japanese food in Australia and people like it. They said that this place got the most friendliest of staffs and the most delicious of Japanese food. All in all, if you like Japanese food (even though you are visiting Australia), you should not skip this place because this place got good reviews.

China Doll

From the name, you can guess what this restaurant serves. Chinese food has been a staple cuisine of the Australian (and for good reasons of course). P.S. go eat dinner at this place. The sights are breath taking. Even I could not hold saying ‘oh my’ when I first saw this place at night.


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