P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

If you understand that reference than you are old enough to realize the reference was talking about a certain movie which took place in Sydney. Although that movie told us little about Sydney, I am sure you knew that it showed one of a famous place in Sydney. That place is so famous, that many people from the world visited Sydney just to take a glance at that marvel of an architecture. Unfortunately, many people knew that as the only example of Sydney’s tourist hotspot when in reality, there are lots of them.

This capital city of New South Wales is the most populous city in Australia and even the Oceania. As one of the most largest city in Australia, it is no wonder that this place got many tourists attractions. This article here will serve to help you Sydney wanderers who wanted to know more about Sydney and its tourist attractions.

Sydney Harbour

How beautiful a city can be when even the harbour itself is the place that many tourists want to visit? In Sydney Harbour, you can get a ferry tour and you can see the many landmarks of Sydney. Sydney’s landmarks are a lot, and you can see many of them on the ferry tour because lots of Sydney’s landmarks are located near bodies of water. Consider this ferry tour the beginning of your journey in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House

If I am talking about attractions in Sydney and I skipped Sydney’s Opera House, it would be foolish of me. Luckily, I am not a foolish guy, and I am now writing about this. This Opera House is the place where many great plays get to be performed. If you like watching live operas and dramas, then you should visit this place on schedule to see one of the plays in there. Oh, this place also looks beautiful at night.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens are everywhere in Australia. There is one in Hobart, one in Perth, and one in Melbourne. All of the Royal Botanic Gardens are well taken care of, and the one in Sydney is no exception. With a large collection of beautiful plants and some exotic animals, this place will certainly be a good place for nature lovers and nature freaks. Take a walk and enjoy the tranquillity of this garden if you ever found yourself in need of relaxation.


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