Free Campervan Spot in Australia’s Queensland is abundant, just like any other in many other states of Australia, actually. Because it is abundant, it is often hard to find the best place to go park your campervan at. Fortunately for you, I have taken the extra mile to write this article for you. I am here to help you find the best two (not the usual three, because I do not believe in the third champion) camping spots in Australia’s Queensland. But before we go in the main topic, let us talk a little bit about Queensland.

I am not going to talk about why Queensland earned its name (perhaps it was the land of a Queen), but I know that this state is the second largest state in Australia. The capital city of Queensland is Brisbane, and this place is the place where tourists frolic in their vacation time. The place is filled with tourist because the place got a tropical climate (the tourists love tropical climate, I do not know why).

Now that we are cleared a bit on Queensland itself, let us continue to the main topic of this article: Top two free campervan spots in Australia’s Queensland.

Wuruma Dam, Wuruma Dam Log Hut Road

Dams are often a good place for people to camp at, and parking your campervan in this place could not get anymore easier. The officials of Wuruma Dam does not limit your stay in here, so you can stay as long as possible in the place. There are water, though it is not healthy if you drink it just like that. It got more than 50 camp sites, so there is no need to worry about camp spaces. The place got no power, so make sure your campervan power supply is adequate for your nights. This place is the perfect place if you like canoeing, fishing, and skiing. Water lovers, this is your place.

Rocky Creek War Memorial, Kennedy Highway of Tolga

This place is a war memorial, true, but that does not mean people cannot camp in the place. This place was the largest military hospital in Australia when World War 2 was in place, and of course is now one of the best place to park your campervan in Queensland. Rocky Creek War Memorial got flushing toilet (I know some of you would not camp in one place if the place did not have a flushing toilet) and more than 50 camping sites. The place is huge, and because it is located near Tolga, supplies should not be a problem for you.


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