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The Great Ocean Road (Australia)

Melbourne (Victoria) is best explored by Campervan - and here at Campervan Village we can help! The fact it’s the smallest of Australia’s mainland states, and also the most diverse—culturally, geographically and economically—means a step in any area of Victoria will land you in truly original experiences; experiences more valuable than any physical souvenir.

Where is The Great Ocean Road?

The Great Ocean Road starts at Lorne, just a little bit past the infamous Bells Beach & Torquay. It's an easy 1.5hr drive from Melbourne CBD.

The road winds along the coast for about 244kms (about 3-hours) until Warnambool. After driving The Great Ocean Road a lot of travellers head north to Halls Gap, where kangaroos abound in the natural splendour of The Grampians.

Cosmopolitan’s the word you’ll search for while describing Victoria. Its convict heritage, position as the seat of national power for many decades, and the fact it’s a veritable sponge for all things bold and wondrous the world has to offer, have defined the state. Unless you really don’t want to, or are simply unable, you will go skiing in Victoria so why not hire from Campervan Village between June and September and visit Victoria’s nine ski-resorts which will offer you so much alpine adrenaline, not to mention everything you’ll need while not strapped to a snowboard or skis, that you may forget to check out the rest of the state. Of course, that would be a tragic shame.

For the water hungry adrenaline junkie, the beaches of Torquay and Bells offer awesome surfing. Take a wetsuit and a large pair of (metaphorical) testicles though, as the swells can be both frigid and dangerous our campervan rentals are your perfect reliable mode of transport.

Vic’s capital city Melbourne, has a cafe culture rivalling that of Paris, and an international vibrancy to match any other major city in the world. People from every corner of the globe inhabit this cultural melting pot, and you may be lucky enough to experience the strange charm inherent in an Arab man saying “Here’s your kebab” in a thick, Aussie accent.

Federation Square is the city’s glass and steel centrepiece; its theatres and museums have something for every visitor. Explore Melbourne. Explore every inch, or at least as much as you can using a car rented through campervan village. Its two-century absorption of everything international has left a mark on the city which changes from street-to-street. Melbourne’s smaller sibling to the south is Geelong. Geelong will offer you a compromise between an overwhelming city and sleepy small town. Like the rest of Victoria, the twin-cities are all about Australian Rules Football, a uniquely Aussie brand of footy. Enjoy a match and a few beers at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, or Geelong’s Skilled Park.

campervan-melbourne campervan-melbourne
campervan-melbourne campervan-melbourne campervan-melbourne

The Great Ocean Road begins further south of Geelong, at Lorne. The word ‘Great’ describing one of the most spectacular drives in the universe, is not an understatement so rent from Campervan Village self drive and take in the millions of years of erosion from the fierce, southern ocean’s wind and waves have carved epic formations into the coastline, which the road straddles precariously.

The thirty kilometre stretch of ocean between Princetown and Peterborough are home to staggering arches, blow-holes and natural sculptures, such as the world famous ‘Twelve Apostles’.

The North West corner of the state becomes savagely dry, where sparse grasslands and even undulating, desert sand dunes will begin to spread before your eyes. Heading north from Melbourne will take you through classic gold rush country, where people from all over the world flocked to claim the area’s treasures. Many parts of Bendigo, a town in the north, will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the days when rivers flowed with gold, convicts worked with chains ‘round their ankles and Aborigines struggled against oppression.

Hire a campervan and head north of Victoria where you will find the home to the Murray River. The Murray has dried somewhat during the last few years due to irrigation, yet it still feeds the farms that make this part of Australia the nation’s food-bowl. The river itself offers wonderful opportunities for a cruise, kayak or relaxing swim.

The Murray is Australia’s heart. It’s like a rose-garden in a desert. For an insight into Australia’s violent past rent a campervan and visit Ballarat, the site of the 1854 Eureka Stockade in which downtrodden miners rose up against cruelly excessive taxation and were brutally crushed by soldiers and police in about fifteen minutes. Or drive to the small town of Glenrowan, where the bushranger Ned Kelly, made his last heroic and doomed stand against hundreds of police in 1880.

Hop back into your Cheap Campervan and visit Wilson’s Promontory National Park jutting from the south coast of Victoria like a spear, is one of the most popular national parks in the nation. It’s an isolated place and confusingly, like the rest of Victoria, can be a freezer one day and an outdoor sauna the next.

Again, like much of Victoria it’s a wonderful bushwalking destination, but don’t expect the lush tropical stuff of the north. The southern bush is drier, harder, yet still beautiful. Victoria is a land of extremes, of hard angles, as uncompromising in beauty as it is in desolation. The state has something for every type of person, which is why you’ll find every type of person there, including yourself, and you won’t want to leave.

campervan-melbourne campervan-melbourne

There is so much of Australia to see and so many ways to see it. Today, even the most remote sections of this vast continent are accessible, particularly to campervan vehicles. For some, exploring Australia will mean touring the made highways and staying in motels. Others will tow their accommodation with them on a motorhome hire. Others will opt for a campervan rental with sleeping and cooking facilities, and yet other group will choose to be the true adventurers, will load a tent on top of the 4x4 hire and go bush. In all cases, some careful planning will enhance the journey immeasurably.

Since driving conditions in Australia varies greatly, you should always consider the right campervan hire Melbourne for your travel. Campervan rental are the best when it comes to exploring Melbourne. Check out our best pricing and book your travel with us. We provide the best campervan hire pricing in Melbourne for budget backpackers in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous roadtrips on earth, so it can get busy. During summer, crowds swarm south from Melbourne to escape the heat and bathe in the cool Southern Ocean. In saying this, it is still big enough to be able to find your own slice of paradise without having to fend off the swarming masses!

Getting There:

From Melbourne
Take the M1 out of Melbourne towards Geelong. You'll pass loads of farms and after about 1.5hrs (100kms), you'll reach Torquay.

From Adelaide
The Great Ocean Road is about 640kms from Adelaide, about 6-7hrs of pleasant driving to Warnambool.

Other Information:

Take caution if driving at night or at dawn as kangaroos have been known to hop across the roads without warning.

Road Quality:
The Great Ocean Road is a completely sealed road, suitable for all vehicle types. A 4WD or AWD Vehicle is not required.


There’s a heap of campgrounds along The Great Ocean Road, from Torquay to Warnambool. They range in price from $15 - $45 per day depending on the site and time of year. Our favourite campsite is at Kennett River, located just by the beach and large group of koalas living in the trees above.

Did You Know?

If you grew up watching the old Aussie TV show 'Round the Twist', you'll be excited about visiting Split Point Lighthouse - a lighthouse located in Aireys Inlet along The Great Ocean Road, which was home to the 'Twist' family on the show.

If you need to hire a campervan or 4WD to drive the Great Ocean Road, your friends at Campervan Village are here to help! We're located in nearby Melbourne and offer great rental rates. We've also got 8 camper rental locations across Australia, so give us a call and book your campervan today: 1800 121 421


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