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Looking to Hire a Campervan in Sydney?

Often the entry point for many travellers to Australia, Sydney is considered to be the nations premier city. Indeed it is impressive in both its beauty and in it's rapid expansion since the 2000 Olympics. Like Melbourne, it is a melting-pot of cultures - with up to 40% of its inhabitants having been born overseas.

New South Wales is, in your humble author's experience, the best coastal roadtrip experience on Earth. From the ideallic southern towns of Eden and Merimbula to the unbelievable beauty of the central & northern coast - if you're going to do a campervan roadtrip anywhere, this is the place. You won't regret, and you'll never forget it.

Sydney is the capital that every other australian city loves to hate, but what that really means is that they all want to be just like her: sun-kissed,sophisticated, and supremely self-confident. built around one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world, she has three of australia's major icon - the harbour bridge, opera house and bondi beach - and her attraction definetely don't stop there. this is the country's oldest, largest and most diverse city; home to magnificent museums, even more magnificent beaches and an edgy multiculturalism that inject colour and vitality into her inner neighbourhoods and other suburbs

There is so much to of Australia to see and so many ways to see it. Today, even the most remote sections of this vast continent are accessible, particularly to campervan vehicles. For some, exploring Australia will mean touring the made highways and staying in motels. Others will tow their accommodation with them on a motorhome hire. Others will opt for a campervan rental with sleeping and cooking facilities, and yet other group will choose to be the true adventurers, will load a tent on top of the 4x4 hire and go bush. In all cases, some careful planning will enhance the journey immeasurably.

Since driving conditions in the outback vary greatly, you should always consider the right campervan hire Sydney for your travel. Campervan rental are the best when it comes to exploring Sydney. Check out our best pricing and book your travel with us. We provide the best campervan hire pricing in Sydney for budget backpackers in Australia.


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